Aquarium Acrylic Catcher Trap for Planaria, Aquatic Worms, Seed Shrimps and Other Pets

Aquarium Acrylic catcher trap for Planaria, Aquatic Worms, Seed Shrimps and Other Pets 


Designed to trap and catch Planaria, Seed shrimps and other pests

  • Brand new & high quality.
  • easy to remove planaria without chemical or medication.
  • 8 holes.
  • Holes diameter: Approx. 4mm.
  • Bottom diameter: Approx. 3cm.
  • Total Length: Approx. 3cm.
  • Material: plastic

Put a small amount of food in the trap and put into the area heavily populated with our uninvited guesses. Small enough entry to allow Planaria to get in but will limit shrimp being able to get in.

Competitive Pricing, More discount if purchase 3 or 6 packs.

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