Aquarium plants Christmas Moss -Vesicularia Montagnei


Aquarium plants Aquascaping with Christmas Moss

Size: 5x5cm

Christmas moss is a simple plant to grow in your aquascape and is an excellent addition to hardscapes and Dutch style aquariums. In addition to enhancing the health of your aquarium, the unique leaf and branch pattern of Christmas moss create an interesting texture and depth to foliage or makes an exceptional statement piece in otherwise bare hardscapes.

 Christmas moss is now available in Australia from Exotic Aquaristic.


 How to care for your Christmas Moss

This moss is very easy to grow, flourishing with or without light. Although not as hardy as the more common ‘java moss,’ it requires little CO2. Regular pruning will help keep Christmas moss tight-knit and dense. This moss can grow up to ten centimeters tall andshould not be kept in dry conditions or in hot scorching light. 


Benefits of keeping Christmas Moss

This is one of the most sought after mosses in the aquascaping community, forming dense, bright green leaves in a triangular ‘pine-like’ branch structure.  Christmas moss can add an unexpected element and texture to your aquascape, filling in gaps and creating a contrasting living backdrop.

Layering moss to add texture to bonsai driftwood is a very popular trend amongst aquascapers. Anchoring the moss to tree-like structures creates the illusion of a flourishing, miniature tree growing underwater.

Aquarium plants Christmas Moss -Vesicularia Montagnei

Aquarium plants Christmas Moss -Vesicularia Montagnei

 It can also be an excellent source of food and shelter for shrimp and fish fry, and has the unique ability to consume nitrates as it grows.

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