Crinum Natans

Crinum natans


Crinum natans is an aquatic plant from West Africa that is still very rare in Australia. This Crinum is regarded as the largest and most rarest Crinum out of the three species that can be kept in aquariums.

The natans had a unique leaf structure. It is long, 1-2cm wide, wrinkled and dark green which can grow upto 1.5m long. When planting this unique plant, the bulb must not be below the soil surface, and roots must be widely spread throughout the substrate. Being such a large and unique plant, with aquascaping, the natans should be a feature plant. Being a large grower, the Crinum natans' growing spot should be carefully considers. They require high lighting, even levels of co2 and ferts. With regards to substrate, it is highly recommended to use high nutrients substrate/soil such as ADA Aqua Soil. The Crinum natans take up a lot of nutrients via the massive roots systems, so planting rich fert tablets ever few months will definitely benefit with the growth of this magnificent plant.

Continent: West Africa
Region: West Africa
Height: 50-150cm
Width: 30cm
Light Requirements: High
Temperature: 18-25 °C
Hardness Tolerance: Medium (6dKH)
pH tolerance: 6.5 - 7.5
Growth: Slow
Demands: High
co2 requirements: Yes

Each portion: 1 Large plant 

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