Cryptocoryne Flamingo ( Dennerle Line )

Cryptocoryne Flamingo ( Dennerle Line )


This unusual and attractive cultivar is called 'Flamingo'. Its most eye-catching feature is the light to dark pink colouration of the leaves. It grows very slowly in aquaria and must have good lighting to ensure successful cultivation.

Family: Araceae
Genus: Cryptocoryne
Native to: Cultivar
Area/height: midground, up to 10 cm
Light: medium-high
Temperature: 20 - 28°C
Growth: slow pH: 5 - 8
Water hardness:  very soft to hard
CO2: none-high
Propagation: runners

Each portion: Baby plant 3-4 leaves 

Below is Dragons' Sunset by Marie-Sophie with Cryptocoryne Flamingo


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