Bucephalandra sp ( clump ) 4 | Special Deal !!


Common Name: Bucephalandra sp

Leaves: Small        


Extra Information :

Like most plants, Bucephalandra will benefit from supplementation. However, supplementation is not required for this plant to grow and stay healthy. Buce plants generally show their most intense coloration and optimal growth when submerged with high lighting and stable, consistent fertilization. Drastic changes in fertilization can result in gradual leaf loss, although the plant rhizome will typically recover in time.

like Anubias, Buce plants are rhizome plants that attach to and grow on hard surfaces. This plant attaches particularly well to rocks, but can also grow very well on driftwood and other surfaces. If planted on the substrate, Buce plants should be only partially embedded in the substrate with the rhizome exposed. If the rhizome is buried, it is prone to rot.


Care Guidelines:

  • Temperature: 71.6° - 82.4° F (22° - 28° C)
  • pH: 5.0 - 8.0, although 6.0 - 7.5 is more ideal.
  • Lighting: Low to High
  • Aquarium placement: Middle and foreground. Rhizome should not be completely buried.
  • Care: Easy to Moderate
  • Co2: Not necessary but recommended 


Product details : 

Each portion: 1 clump as the image 

*our images were taken under full spectrum led.

*The colors of buce will depend on the type of the bucephalandra and age of the leaves, hence leaves will have a slightly different color from each other. 

For example: young leaves will often have orange, pink, white, reddish in colours while older leaves will have deep purple, red, deep green/ blue. This applied to most bucephalandra species and also depend on the type of bucephalandra species.


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