Small Bonsai Driftwood Aquarium Tree| Natural, Handcrafted Fish Tank Decoration


New Designs of Bonsai tree on Lava rocks only at Exotic Aquaristic 

-Size: 16x20cm ( HxL)   


*No moss attached, only the bonsai driftwood alone 

P/s : We will pick a random Bonsai Driftwood for you


Bonsai driftwoods are handcrafted by our skilled artists. Created from treated driftwood native to South East Asia, then sculpted and treated driftwood make a beautiful accessory for aquascaping, terrariums and paludariums.

These unique decorations elevate regular fish/shrimps/plants tanks, making them more than just homes for your fish/shrimps. The tanks become statement pieces beautiful miniaturized underwater forests to add an ethereal touch to your home.



Bonsai Driftwood Scape by Valentino066 



Benefit of Bonsai Driftwood:

-100% Natural Wood

-No Chemical

-Create beautiful centre-piece for your tank

-These all-natural ornaments are not only safe for the water environment for your fish and underwater flora, bonsai driftwood can actually improve the quality of your water. Each item contains tannic acid, which will soften the water and lower the pH level.


How to Treat Bonsai Driftwood

 Best and fast methods 

- Rinse and can be placed into the aquarium instantly

- Soak with warm water / prime water for 1-2 days, this will help to reduce tannings. 


What moss would I put on my Bonsai Driftwood to create green foliage:

1.   Mini Taiwan Moss 

 2.   Christmas  Moss

 3.   Peacock Moss

3.  Subwassertang ( Freshwater seaweed)

4.  Fissiden





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