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Founded by Hoang Nguyen. Exoaquaristic is based at Sydney, but caters to customers across Australia. We offer a wide range of aquatic driftwoods that are handpicked from around the world, so that our clients get only the best. Aquascaping is a hobby that is truly enjoyable and fun filled. However, considering the amount of work required and its complexity, many enthusiasts find it difficult to build an aquarium on their own. Here, our expertise can be tremendously helpful.


We not only supply the material and tools for building an exquisite aquarium but also offer precise instructions, information, and support to help you execute the task effortlessly and accurately. Exoaquaristic serves wholesale and retail customers and our prices are amongst the most affordable in the country, while the quality of our products is world class.

The demand for aquascaping products and services are growing rapidly, and we focus on providing bespoke solutions based on the unique requirements of each of our clients.

 Our Product Range:


Features of our Bonsai Driftwood Products:

  • Crafted by skilled artists
  • Specifically selected and handpicked
  • Superior quality
  • Resistant to underwater wear and tear
  • Natural Brown look
  • Made to last forever in aquarium environment 
  • Safe for fishes, shrimps and fresh-water inverts


To complement the beautiful Driftwoods, we supply aquatic plants that are carefully selected, so that you get only the best. Some of the aquatic plants we supply include Bucephalandra and Massimo Ball.

Thank you for visiting us.

Warehouse & stock of driftwood in Sydney.


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