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If you are looking for natural aquarium decoration, then add natural bonsai driftwood to your aquarium. It would not only make your aquarium look nice, but it will also make your aquarium base more alluring. Here in Exoaquaristic, we offer best and unique products that are made naturally and is hard to find somewhere else for it is crafted by our own skilled artisan in many shapes and styles to resemble beautiful underwater tree.

Our Best Bonsais

About Us

Founded by Hoang Nguyen, Exoaquaristic, as the name suggests, Exoaquaristc is a company that offers exotic and artistic aquascaping accessories. We are a company which is operated by a team of dexterous and competent aquascaping professionals who are highly passionate and enthusiastic about our work and know every little detail of this industry, which is evident from the highly satisfied customers who don't look beyond Exoaquaristic for their aquascaping requirements.

The demand for aquascaping products and services are growing rapidly, and we focus on providing bespoke solutions based on the unique requirements of each of our clients.

About Bonsai Driftwood

Bonsai driftwoods are handcrafted by our skilled artists. Created from treated driftwood native to South East Asia, then sculpted and treated driftwood make a beautiful accessory for aquascaping, terrariums and paludariums. These unique decorations elevate regular fish/shrimps/plants tanks, making them more than just homes for your fish/shrimps. The tanks become statement pieces; beautiful miniaturized underwater forests to add an ethereal touch to your home. Fish tanks and terrariums are attention-grabbing items – why not make these objects as beautiful as possible? Each Bonsai driftwood from Exoaquaristic is unique, designed to last underwater and a great starting point to begin creating fairytale aquascapes.


"I love a business that does what it says it is going to do, and wants to 'actually' look after its customers. Exquisite product safely delivered...cant wait to get creative with it. "
-Keith Tutor

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-100% Natural Wood
-No Chemical
-Create beautiful centre-piece for your tank
-These all-natural ornaments are not only safe for the water environment of your fish and underwater flora, bonsai driftwood can actually improve the quality of your water. Each item contains tannic acid, which will soften the water and lower the pH level.

Bonsai Driftwood is now a trend in Aquascaping and all famous aquascaper are making stunning aquascaping with them!

Don't miss out on this unique arts of ours.

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