The Rock God Studio

Keith Tutor is a former multi award winning Landscape designer/ Landscaper.

In later years he became well known for his innovations in the art of artificial rock design and construction as well as teaching his unique techniques to home DIY landscapers in no less than eighty five countries.

As a result, Keith found himself with a nick name... ‘The Rock God’.

Keith Tutor

Hi there

During the early months of 2017 I was introduced to Exoaquaristic and their remarkable Bonsai trees. I honestly could not believe my eyes as I had recently began creating lightweight feature rock specifically for Bonsai enthusiasts.

After receiving my first tree from Exoaquaristic, I set about handcrafting a range of unique and individual Bonsai like creation’s that would be lightweight, easily transportable, require nil watering, next to no maintenance and... would last a lifetime.

Featured Bonsais

These stunning pieces would take pride of place in any interior space, balcony, verandah or deck and be particularly ideal for those wanting to create a distinctive setting in compact spaces.

Contact Keith Tutor on 04184606 and at for inquiries and further information.

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