Corner Filter Air Driven Bio Sponge Ceramic for Fry Shrimp Nano Fish Tank Aquarium


This filter is excellent for small size fish like dwarf cichlid, guppy, killifish, shrimp etc., or for hatcheries, maternity, nano tanks, and fry tanks, as the filter produces minimal current and has almost no way to suck the fish through the filter. Also, the air infusion chamber produces minute bubbles which increase the oxygen solubility.


With multi-layer sponge filters, this corner filter combines physical and biochemical filtration for your fish and increases the oxygen solubility. The top layer of white filter pad serves a mechanical filtration, and the black bio-sponge and ceramic rings work as a biochemical filtration and support colonization of beneficial bacteria. Quiet filtering system. Especially good for breeding small fish. Efficiently remove toxic waste and maintain clean water for your fish. Easy to maintain. Just take out the sponge and rinse well when it becomes dirty. It's a complete set and includes all the filter components - gravel, ceramic, sponge, etc. Each unit requires an air pump and airline tubing to operate together (sold separately, not included).


Dimensions: 10cm L x  13cm H . Max tank size: up to 20 gal.


Limited Quantity Available - Will Sell out Fast!
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