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Bonsai driftwoodis handcrafted by skilled artists. Created from treated driftwoods native to South East Asia, then sculpted and bind together to make a beautiful accessory for aquascape, terrariums, fish tanks and paludariums.

These unique decorations elevate regular fish/shrimps/plants tanks, making them more than just homes for your fish/shrimps.

The tanks become statement pieces; beautiful miniaturized underwater forests to add an ethereal touch to your home.

Fish tanks and terrariums are attention-grabbing items – why not make these objects as beautiful as possible?

Each Bonsai driftwoodfrom Exoaquaristic is unique, designed to last underwater and a great starting point to begin creating fairytale aquascapes.


Components: Desmodium driftwood, Bone driftwood, and Wood powder 


Scape designedby: Pham Quoc Duy with FISSIDENS SP. "VIETNAM" as the carpet plant and Taiwan Moss on the bonsai.



The benefit of Bonsai Driftwood:

  • 100% Natural Wood
  • No Chemical
  • Create beautiful Centrepiece for your tank
  • These all-natural ornaments are not only safe for the water environment of your fish and underwater flora, bonsai driftwood can actually improve the quality of your water. Each item contains tannic acid, which will soften the water and lower the pH level.
  • Safe for fish, shrimp, and other aquatic inverts  


How to Treat Bonsai Driftwood ( Can apply to other driftwoods) 


Can be instantly put into the aquarium 


What moss would i put on my Bonsai Driftwood to create green foliage :

  1. Mini Taiwan moss 
  2. Christmas moss
  3. Subwassertang ( Freshwater seaweed)
  4. Fissiden
  5. Mini Fiss 


 How to tied Moss to my Bonsai Driftwood and which material?

Use moss glue, thin fishing line or green thread.

 Placement of Bonsai Driftwood:

Once the driftwood has been properly prepared, clean and tied with your favorite moss. Carefully place the bonsai driftwood in your aquarium just as you designed.


Bonsai Aquarium Designed by Duy Bui


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