Exotic Aquaristic


This plant is a genus of plants in the family Alismataceae and distributed in the Western Hemisphere from the central United States to Argentina.Its scientific name is derived from Ancient Greek echius – rough husk, and doros – leathern bottle, alluding to ovaries, which in some species are armed with persistent styles, forming prickly head of fruit. Some of the species are commonly cultivated in artificial aquatic habitats.

This is arguably the rarest and most beautiful Sword.

Echinodorus Iguazu 2009 is quite rare, easy to grow, does not require much effort and time to care.

Enchinodorus Iguazu 2009 grows slowly, suitable for planted or shrimp tanks. As the plant grows, it absorbs large amounts of nitrate in the tank, helping to keep the water environment safe and healthy for shrimps and fishes.

  • pH: 6-8
  • Care: Easy-Medium
  • Light: Medium
  • Co2: Not necessary 
  • Growth rate: Slow

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