Mosaic Guppy deal ( 3M and 2 F )

Mosaic Guppy deal ( 3 M and 2 F ) for 50$- Imported Gene Guppies


You will receive 3 males and 2 females mosaic guppies 

These guppies are 3- 3.5 Months old. Healthy, active, and friendly. I have raised them in normal tap water hence they can adapt to the new home with ease and are very very Hardy fishes. 

As juveniles, They still have some color, fins, and tail to develop, and they are already looking really nice!

They will have a full energetic life and a full breeding cycle at the new home. 


What to Expect from Us

Every shipment we send comes with our 100% Live Arrival Guarantee, free of any extra charge. This means that if your order arrives with any issues that are out of your control, we will replace the order at no charge whatsoever, or offer store credit in the amount of the loss up to the amount ordered. 

In the event of a DOA, we REQUIRE a clear digital picture of the dead

fish in the sealed bag before replacement/store credit/refund is issued.

Fishes after the travel to their new home might experience some stress and lose a bit of colour . This is normal and their colours will be back as soon as they are settling in the new home.

States that we cant ship to are WA , TAS , NT  

We only ship live fishes out on Monday to Tuesday via Express Service 

The package will be including Breathing bag, foam box and heat pad for the price only at 9.95$ 



Images of our guppies were taken under full spectrum led. 


Kindly contact us via Facebook or Email if you have any questions, we will get back to you as soon as we can 


Limited Quantity Available - Will Sell out Fast!

There is absolutely ZERO Risk in buying from our trusted store as we use Encrypted SSL certificates for 100% Security so you don't have to worry about your security! 


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