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PPS-Pro Fertilizer Macro For 500ml - Dry Aquarium Fertilizers

PPS-Pro Fertilizer Macro For 500ml - Dry Aquarium Fertilizers 

Perpetual Preservation System ( PPS-Pro ) system is most cost effective and easiest of all the fertilizer dosing recipe. This system was developed for hobbyist who wants a system that performs well and at the same time doesn't need much testing and tweaking. Also, water changes are optional but still regular water changes are recommended as part of normal aquarium maintenance

To create the solutions follow the measurements below:


Macro Solution in 500ml bottle:

  • 29 grams K2SO4  ( Potassium sulfate )
  • 33 grams KNO3    ( Potassium Nitrate )
  • 3 grams  KH2PO4 ( Mono Potassium Phosphate )
  • 20 grams MgSO4  ( Magnesium Sulfate )     


This quantity is for creating 500 ml of Macro mix. Best valued and highly concentrated fertilizers

Fill with distilled water and shake well. Let it sit overnight.

Daily dose - 1 ml per 10 gallons or 40L will yield

  • NO3  - 1ppm
  • PO4  - 1ppm
  • K      -  1.33 ppm
  • Mg   -  0.1 ppm



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