Aquarium Bonsai Tree on Volcanic Rock( M )| Fish Tank Decoration


Size: 17-20cm Height x Length 

*No Moss attached, only the Bonsai Tree 

*Each Bonsai Tree is slightly different from the other

Visit: Exotic Aquaristic for more awesome driftwood arts for your Aquarium.


Realistic Bonsai tree for sale, handcrafted by skilled artists. These unique decorations elevate regular fish/shrimps/plants tanks, making them more than just homes for your fish/shrimps. The tanks become statement pieces; beautiful miniaturized underwater forests to add an ethereal touch to your Aquarium.

 Check out some of the aquariums from our supplier and from our friends:

What moss would i put on my Bonsai Driftwood to create green foliage :

  1. Mini Taiwan moss 
  2. Christmas  moss
  3. Peacock Moss
  4. Subwassertang ( Freshwater seaweed)
  5. Mini fissiden
  6. Bucephalandra


Made of high-quality resin, corrosion resistance, and non-polluting, non-radioactive, eco-friendly products for fish/shrimp and other aquatic inverts

Offers the natural environment feeling.

Limited Quantity Available - Will Sell out Fast!

There is absolutely ZERO Risk in buying from our trusted store as we use Encrypted SSL certificates for 100% Security so you don't have to worry about your security! 


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