resin art 3D telescope eye goldfish Fish Painting inspired by (Riusuke Fukahori)

  • 100% Handmade
  • New and Original
  • Material: Acrylic Paints, resin
  • Container: Glass Bowl
  • Size: 13 x 5 ( diameter x height in Cm ) 
  • Only 1 available


What is resin art 3D Fish Art?

resin art i 3D telescope eye goldfish is a beautiful, innovative new way to display art in your home. Made by talented artists from Vietnam,

the fish come to life through a painstaking process. A liquid resinis poured into the container, layer by layer, as the artist ‘builds’ the fish from the belly up using a thin brush and acrylic paints. Looking down at the fish, it seems at any moment,

they might come to life, flick their tails and begin a ceaseless journey around the circumference of the bowl.

The beautiful ‘swimming’ fish are an incredible optical illusion which at first glance appear to be frozen in time beneath the immovable surface of the resin. Always swimming, and somehow never swimming, the enormous amount of detail which goes into these subtle works of art can only be appreciated in person. 


Where does 3D Fish Painting Come From?

The process was invented by Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori, who developed the technique in order to capture the beauty and serenity of Japanese goldfish.

He considers their domestication a metaphor for the limitation we face in the modern world. Although he works surrounded by hundreds of fish, Fukahori prefers to paint from memory, even creating imaginative hybrid fish.

Every detail, from the gleaming eyes, to the scales and delicate fins of the fish is captured. Fukahori has also created elaborate schools of fish, with up to twenty smaller goldfish swimming together.

Incredible to see, and almost impossible to mimic, the artwork has taken Vietnam by storm, with hundreds of artists working to recreate Riusuke Fukahori’s delicate and understated swimming fish in everything from real fish bowls to tin buckets. Handmade and completely unique, works of art inspired by Riusuke Fukahori’s breathtaking renditions of Japanese fighting fish, are now available through Exoaquaristic.


Why buy 3D Fish Art?

By: Keng Lye  resin art

                                     Such is life... by Keng Lye

The 3D Fish Painting make a beautiful, calming gift and are a great talking point as a table centerpiece. The careful studies are incredibly lifelike, and instill a calming sensation within the viewer.

Whatever happens around them, the fish remain serene, safe beneath the resin surface of the bowl. 3D Fish Art is an essential piece of art for any koi enthusiast, and a perfect in-office reminder to slow down and take stock of what is really important.

Below is some of the pieces from our artist:

resin art


resin art

resin art

Beautiful, unique 3D Fish Arts are available now at Exoaquaristic.


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