Subwassertang ( Fresh Water Seaweed )


Each portion: 5x5cm 

Subwassertang is an amazing plant for a shrimp tank. The surface area the plant provides is greater than any other moss out there. It is a slow growth at first but once established, it grows very well. 

You will receive one portion of Subwassertang. Usually, this is around the size of a golf ball. Portion size will vary. 

The correct spelling for Subwassertang is Sußwassertang and is pronounced as Susswassertang.

  • Family: Lomariopsidaceae
  • Origin: Unknown
  • pH: 5.0 – 8.0
  • Temperature: 20 – 30° C
  • Height: 2 – 5+ cm
  • Lighting: Low to High


Main Benefits:

  • Helps convert toxins in the water and heavy metals into safe organics 
  • Promotes oxygen rich water
  • Provides hiding places for shrimp and baby shrimp
  • Creates a natural feeding ground for baby shrimp
  • Reduces the stress on shrimp by providing more surface area for hiding

More Information: 

 Subwassertang doesn't like to root to anything besides sponge. We usually let it float through the tank until it finds a resting area. After a couple of months, it will begin forming bush like growths. Once these subwassertang bushes start to form, the plant really begins to stand out in an aquarium. 

 Subwassertang is great for all aquariums


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